Sunday, September 11, 2011

When Best Friends Get Together

Ling, Geraldine and I have been planning for such a day for the longest time, and each time something always crops up to postpone it. Finally this happened, and it was so wonderful to have the gals over. First reminiscing over the rooms that we spent many a night staying up to complete school assignments, and then of course catching up over some (yummy, I hope) food. :) Mr A also came home during his lunch break and finally he got to meet these crazy girls I call friends! lol.

We did a mini photo session in my room (don't you love the lighting in there!), and I so love these pictures. I will treasure them forever, especially when Geraldine takes a hiatus to join her hubs in the US.

The picture above is blurred but I think it's my favorite one. :)

If you're wondering who that little munchkin is in our pictures, she's our little star Miss Charlotte - Ling's daughter. She's such a sweetie!

I always look forward to getting together with my favorite girls, they always cheer me up and I feel so good being around them. How do you define a good friend? It's someone(s) who bring the best out of you. That's what these girls do. :) More pictures of our crazy antics are here. Told ya, we have so much fun together.


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Anonymous said...

Yes this was indeed an unforgettable gathering! I have been looking through our pics over and over again and absolutely love that we are so comfortable together anytime and anywhere! No one understands the kinda rapport that we have. It's amazing! And I must tell everyone following this blog that Lia is an awesome cook! But sorry u guys may not get to enjoy cos she only cook for us! I'm gonna so extremely miss this bunch of crazy girls when I leave for the States. Only they know my deepest secrets..

- Geraldine