Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I have been creating ...

Yes sometimes after the room has got a good clean and when nothing looks out-of-place, the last thing I should do is begin creating and mess everything up again. You really can't fight the urge though, when each tiny blossom and chipboard seem to have a voice of their own and each crying out to be a part of your creation. So I have been fighting this seemingly vicious cycle, but what can you do after you're covered with glitter and Maya Road tins are scattered on the floor, other than accepting the fact that you need to do this? :)

So yes, I have been creating. Not surprisingly, mostly featuring Maya Road goodies. You know that I love them right? Well these couple of frames should convince you that I do, and should convince you that you definitely need to love Maya Road too! lol.

Firstly, I had hopped on to Sarah Jane Studios from decor8 on one of those latenights/earlymornings occasions and was so inspired by her work that I made this frame featuring lots and lots of Maya Road blossoms. Details are on the Maya Road DT blog.

I love getting my white frames from IKEA. This one below, I had in my stash. And I had an extra print of that family photo. Into the frame it went. Needed a little something though - to cover that man in the background. lol. What else but Maya Road to the rescue, along with some Sizzix-ed flowers and glitter. :) Pretty corner cluster. Pretty frame. Pretty happy me. :)

By the way, did you know Maya Road is now on Pinterest? Oh the amount of inspirational projects there, you could die. 

On the Organised Clutter front, I still have lots more projects to share. I'll schedule them for future blog updates as I'll probably be gone for a while ... new opportunities and experiences await me at 456 Alexandra Road. I'm grabbing on to them with a smile and a little tear.

So till the next update. Don't miss me too much. :)

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sharon Ong said...

This is super super cute! As are you! ha ha! Hugs! :)