Sunday, September 4, 2011

A New Class Commences

You guys know I love my smallies projects. When I have a piece of Maya Road ATC Shadow Box in front of me, with 6 individual smallies slots for me to create ... it's like being served a piece of birthday cake on a silver platter. :D

I'm not one who can work in single colors or layers, and this box I feel sums up my scrapping style. It is a piece that combines classic romanticism and bold pops of color. It is scattered with glitter in many forms, blossoms and tactile touches of my favorite trims. At every corner your eyes rest on, there are many layers to discover. I created this Box using Ernie's wedding photos, but I feel that it would be perfect for photos of any themes. I personally feel photos in black and white would look gorgeous amongst the intense colors of this Box, if you are so inclined. :)

So, I can't wait to share this project - which is one of my favorites - with you at Made With Love Singapore. :) Reserve your space at 6238 8770 okie? See you in class!


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