Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Feeling of Overwhelm(ed)

A holiday was supposed to be the rejuvenation of things, to relax oneself and by the end of which, one should be motivated to live his/her life - to get back on the horse, so to speak. Somehow that equation did not quite add up for me.

So overwhelmed right now. A clean and quite space-y room that I left has now been overtaken by the boxes and boxes of paper flowers and leaves, and also boxes and boxes of Maya Road that arrived a week ago. Oh and 2-pound cones of baker's twine. And don't even start on the list of emails and work I need to catch up on. Crazed, that's what I feel. And most of the time, on the verge of tears. Big sighs.

I suppose we have to look for the little blessings, even during crazy days. I took a little time off yesterday to chop off my hair. Well, it's still long-ish - I don't think Mr A would want to see me if it's otherwise. :P But considering that it's now just slightly off my shoulders versus past my waist before, I call that 'chopping'. And during the session, I played 24 levels of Ice Tycoon on my iPhone. Lahling, I blame you for getting me hooked on this game!

Plus this weekend, I'll be teaching my first classes at Scraplicious. I don't think I'll ever not get nervous at teaching a class. You hope and pray that any new experience will be a good one, that each and every new person you meet will be nice, that they will see the person you are now and not be hung up on old stories others insist on circulating about you till this day. Recycling sometimes just ain't good. And of course, you hope and wish that your class attendees will enjoy themselves and love the project they bring home. So here are a couple of sneakies of the two projects I'll be teaching at Scraplicious this month. I hope you'll come join me, just give them a call at 6345 8600 to book your space.

You will bring home 4 deliciously-embellished Artist Trading Cards on a Maya Road Acryclic Stand!
Super cute display piece.

Ohhhh this is one of my favoritest projects ever!
My favorite colors, favorite brand of papers from October Afternoon, favorite blooms and glitters. Yum!



zarinah said...


I was wondering what had happened to you snce you have not updated your blog for a month. I was going to email you if you have not posted anything by today. Hah hah. I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. Went through it and going through it now that I am going to move. New house, new school, new neighbours, new boss, new maid etc. Anyway, your tags looks nice. I always get inspiration from you. Oh yeah, I sent a couple of friends your way after they asked me if I take orders for LOs and wedding scrapbooks. Of course I don't! hah hah. So I gave them your website. Hope you dont mind. Have a good week ahead.

momma2omar said...

All the best , sayang !!! Don't worry too much your students will lurve your bubbly self and your gorgeous projects .

playfulmeowz said...

oooh how I wish I am still in SG to attend your class! DOn;t stress, OK?