Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shopping Saturday

Why can't we find beautiful pastel-colored felts in Singapore? Or am I just looking at the wrong places? Oh well, we will always have Etsy. :) For my felts search, I found an Etsy seller Lupin from the UK. I love the quality and softness of her 30% wool felt squares and her pastels palette is just gorgeous! *hearts!* Totally perfect for the project I had in mind.

I've seen this felt flower cluster manymany times - self-made or manufactured - they were all so gorgeous! I wanted to make some of my own cuddly flowers too! Yep you heard me right, 'cuddly' flowers!

Oh how my heart pitter-pattered to see the flowers on these mini cardstock tags. Lovelovelove! Oh, and adding touches of seam binding helps too! :)

Thanks Lupin for the felts, I am having so much fun with them!



sharon Ong said...

I love the cuddly flowers! And here's a belated birthday cuddle! hug!

Joanna said...

So pretty babe! Good job, as always!!

Sandy Ang said...

In pink and blue - both lovely !

[[Azura]] said...

you are oh so talented!! aligned with Sandy and Wati!! haha! :))
Thanks for the inspiration! :)