Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shopping Saturday

You guys know that I've been majorly destashing, particularly with my scrapbooking supplies. It's crazy how much we can amass within 4 years of crafting, and I've felt veryveryvery overwhelmed. Since I opened my Etsy store, I've realised that I love working on small projects. I may have fat fingers, but I do love squeezing tiny items into even teenier spaces. :) The thing with small projects is, you don't need a whole lot of schtuff. Even if you stuff the small projects to its last breath the way I do. :P

So yes, destashing has been going on for a long while and it seemingly is a never-ending process. It's quite addictive, this destashing thing. Seeing more and more shelves empty and actual floor space in your room - enough (and sufficiently clean) for a prayer mat - it's really satisfying. But it never seems eno
ugh, I feel. I wish I could let go of more. So I'm doing it in stages. When I have days or weeks in between destashing sessions, I find that I can let go of more stuff that I couldn't before. I hope (need) to have a very lean crafting stockpile in the near future, and also a functional crafting corner (instead of half a room!).

While I'm taking a break in between destashing scrapbooking schtuff, I move on to other parts of my room - clothes, appliances, what-nots. Yes, the need to have a lean stockpile extends to all other parts of my room. :P I put together piles of stuff to give away, piles of stuff to sell, piles of stuff to bin! Then go through each pile and organise to whom the giveaways should go to, organising photography sessions for the sell-piles and making lots of trips to the disposal for the throw-aways. Honestly, I really think it's the organising that I could be addicted to!

How do you destash or organise? It'd be good to hear some ideas or tips. If I could be more efficient, I could let go of more stuff. Presumably. :)

So anyway today since it's Shopping Saturday, I just wanna put it out there that I have put up a lot of bibbity-bobs, odds-and-ends, schtuff up for sale on this blog. They're organised by type and put on separate pages - all linked
at the top of this blog. I told ya, I'm addicted to organising! I've listed the pages below too, with some descriptions. But of course, a visual trip to each page might do you more good. Who likes reading so much, right? Are you guys still around btw? lol.
  • What-Nots: A variety of stuff, from electronics, organising tools, costume jewellery! A photo printer, bottles and a Gucci pouch are over there at the moment.
  • Scrapbook Stash: Self-explanatory. Most popular category of stuff, most often updated with scrapbooking supplies.
  • Yarn: Bundles of yarn. Yes, I had ambitions to be a knitting granny.
  • Crafty Readings: A crafty person needs crafty books. Crochet, knitting, jewelery-making ... boy, I had a lot of interests.
  • Blythes: At the moment, this page only has publications with Blythe inspiration, tips on customising your Blythe dolls, etc. My stash of Blythe dolls will be updated in there soon. By year-end hopefully.
These pages will be updated from time to time, so drop by often. I'll just make announcements when I have major updates to the pages. I think you'll avoid this blog if I start advertising each time one yard of ribbon is available for sale on the Scrapbook Stash page. lol.

So I hope to share more Shopping Saturdays with you in the future. Don't worry, they won't all be advertising my own wares! Promise! :)


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Sandy Ang said...

Your projects are sublime. I love crafting on a smallish scale too - nothing as fab as your work though.