Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creative Boost Wednesday

Hi there! I'm back with this week's Creative Boost Wednesday, sharing a couple of simple crafting projects to make your Hump Day a little bit sweeter. :) More sewing lovelies today!

I was really excited about this week because I was welcoming one of my best friends to our department at the office. We've been friends since I joined NOL 6 years ago. Although we've never worked in the same department before this, our friendship has become one of my most treasured ones because it's honest, supportive and non-judgmental. She's my 'lahling' (darling) - we call only each other that! :)

My lahling Melissa and me!

Anyway, I volunteered to re-cover her tatty cushion she uses at the office and I quickly sewed up one using a piece of thrifted fabric - in blue because it's her favorite color. Nice as it was (notice the cute pink carrots?), I felt it needed a bit of oomph.

Maya Road blossoms and Fabri-Tac came to the rescue! I lovelovelove this cluster of blossoms, especially after adding some vintage-inspired Jenni Bowlin buttons and drool-worthy seam binding bows. :) *hearts!* I would have sewed down the blossoms after gluing them down, but honestly I was too impatient to see the end result!

After seeing that cushion, I wanted something blossom-clustered for myself too! Could you blame me? ;) Took out my stash of Heather Bailey fabrics, and again quickly sewed up this drawstring pouch which holds my external hard drive. Embellished it with more Maya Road blossoms, Jenni Bowlin buttons, seam binding bows and a piece of vintage lace ... and ta-dah! I'm done.

How about letting one of your existing projects inspire another project for you this Wednesday? Use a similar technique, or the same embellishments .... the possibilities are endless!

Have a creative Wednesday everyone! I'm off to indulge
thoughts of a cushion to match Melissa's! ;)


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Creative Busy Bee said...

WoW! I love you creations soooo much.