Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Child-ish Post

I've been a tad obsessed with baby / kids projects lately ... well, not obsessed like all I want to create are baby stuff. But they are on my mind a lot. :)

Perfect chance to create one was when Sai Wing's son was born earlier this month. But you guys know me and boy projects. Uhhh ... yeah it doesn't come naturally. But I reallyreally wanted to make a banner for the new-again parents and baby boy. So, here it is. And I guess as always, if you just tell yourself that you will love what you do, no matter what ... then you will end up with a project that is lovable. :)

For Baby Dylan. Oh how I love that name!

And I'm working on something similar to this album below. :) Just haven't decided if I will hold this as a class or will just offer it as a kit+instructions thingy.

See I told you, this is a child-ish post. :)


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