Monday, March 15, 2010

Just dropping in ...

... to share this post on decor8.

Especially ponder the line 'I’m not sure that many are doing an excellent job of pointing out the difference (between inspiration and copying)'. I hear many of my scrapbooking friends moaning about their work being copied without any credit given to them, even I doubt my own handiwork when I see someone else's similar project. While of course unloading frustrations amongst friends is expected, one wonders if addressing the issue with the copy-er at some point in time would be better and healthier for us?

While I would just suck it up, accept that people copy and I really can't do anything about it (except bemoan to my friends, and hope that they realise I'm whining and not trying to be a troublemaker). After all, who am I to think that my work is worthy of being copied?

I think if only we could just have a firmer stand against unethical copying, banding together instead of punishing those who choose to have their say heard ... we could all be better creative individuals. A supportive community of creative souls can be just that - supportive. If Erika Firm can choose ethics over economic sense, why can't other enterprises? Why can't we as creative individuals?

Ponder that.


The Nostalgic Scrapper said...

good thought.... and since our work is usually shared with others on blogs, facebooks, etc, it does make it harder to 'control' the copying part... i agree we always have to reflect and respect with regards to others efforts, ideas, and hard work.

Aida Haron, Singapore said...

What to do ? I've seen exact lifts of of mini books I make on or other US gallery. **GERAM X 100** but what to do ? It's not worth the effort of stewing over this, got better things to do right ? And in the end that scrapper knows it's not their original work.

In a long ago incident over an Ikea scrap class, the idiot actually claimed design is NOT copyright as she used *techniques* in the project while I did not. After fighting it ..... certain people (whom I thought were my friends) said *I wanted the money that's why I made noise*. That idiot was willing to work for Ikea peanuts, but unfortunately I won't.

So you see my dear, it's die if you fight it ... die if you don't.

Better to just let go, less stress, the less white hair the less I spend on Korean hair-dyes !