Sunday, December 20, 2009

19th December 2009

Friends on my Facebook have been teased with a countdown to 19th of December for a month already, and some were so excited about the date (even though they didn't know why!) that I even had reminders about it on the eve of! So what was all the big deal about?

Azmi and I love our couple photos. Maybe it's just us, but we feel that the pictures can really portray the love we have for each other, maybe it's our overwhelming love the camera can't help but to capture it, or perhaps we are just a good-looking couple. *ahem* lol!

Anyway a couple of months ago, we discussed how it's been ages since we took any pictures together - not even self-shots! We desperately wanted new pictures, and thought that it was time for professionally-taken pictures instead of those where our arms (holding the camera) can also be seen. Our first and last professional photog session was in 2004 when I graduated from Uni! Anyway around the same time as we had our discussion, our good friend Leena began building her photography portfolio. The pictures she took of her bestie Ally's engagement were just breathtakingly gorgeous, I had tears in my eyes when I saw them - and I didn't even know Ally! I proposed the idea to Leena to do a photoshoot with Azmi and I, and thankfully she agreed! The photoshoot date was settled for 19th December. A and I have been preparing since for the shoot. What our preparations were, I'll chat about it another day. :)

Leena and I were prepared for Azmi being all shy, but honestly I'm so proud of him. He laughed silly when Leena wanted to do some funny shots and crazy moves, but he went ahead and did them! Love him so much for that. He fell back a couple of times, being shy and all that. That was when Leena told him to just be my celafare (sp?). lol.

So how was Leena as our photographer? Words would fail to descri
be her, but I'll try. It really helped that she's our friend so I was definitely comfortable with her. For those shy or embarrassing moments, or when she wanted us to be 'naturally-happy', she was up to laughing at herself and us - and that got all three of us some amazing shots. She's got an amazing eye, her compositions are impeccable and her detail shots - even of our legs - can make me cry. Oh well, I'll stop gushing and share some pictures which she's already passed to us. I'd like to think that she already started working on some so quickly because she loves the pictures as much as Azmi and I do. :)

This shot along with the jumping one are our current favorites!

Well, that's all I have for now. Will share more as Leena works on them. I can't wait to see the rest too!


ps: My Facebook friends, thanks for counting down to this day with Leena, Azmi and me!


Sindy said...

Lovely pics! I am sure these are your memorable photos and will definitely in your next scrapbooking album or project! :)

stinkydudette said...

you 2 make a lovely couple, and it shows! *huggies*

SnazzyJazzie of Scrap & The City said...

absolutely gorgeous pictures. could almost detect the electrifying sparkle emanating from you two.

Coochies & All said...

I was just at Leena's blog - the photos are GORGEOUS!! You look so pretty with the new hairdo Lia - I'm a big fan of curls and yours are superb!!
So happy to have bumped into you the other day! Missed chatting with you. :)
elaine t

Shelley Haganman said...

These photos are so wonderful!! I love each and everyone!