Friday, January 22, 2010

Sneaking In ...

Wow has it been this long since my last blog post? What do I say? What do I say? Maybe an update, would you like that?

The thing is I have short-term memory so I'll just touch on the latest piece of news okay? :)

Maya Road has been posting sneaks of new CHA-W products on the company blog since last week, please drop by there for a drool fest! Especially check out the latest Day 6 Sneaks post for a quick overview of the Design Team's work. Wow ... even I never realised what a variety of styles we have on the team. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. If I say so myself *ahem*

Oh while you're drooling, do take a careful look at all t
he projects sneaks showcased in the Day 1 to Day 6 Sneaks posts on the Maya Road blog. I'll be doing a giveaway here based on the posts. :) *pst* A new CHA-W album will be in the prize package! So watch out for the details on this blog okay!

I also had a turn on the Maya Road DT blog t
his week, where I shared the below mini-album. The coaster album is a a CHA-W release, and it will be on display during the show beginning Sunday! Check out all the pages on my blog post. :)

So I think that's about it I have for now. I hope you guys going to CHA in Anaheim will have a wonderful time, well I know you will! Make sure you visit the Maya Road booth while you're there and let me know your favorite Maya Road products okay? :)

Till the next time, toodles!!


sharon Ong said...

yes, its been quite long since your last blog post!!! I've been checking you see... :o) 'Cos I just wanted to say hello.

scrap-myself-silly said... the album. Gorgeous work as always bebs !

playfulmeowz said...

Gorgeous! May I ask where you got the little kitchen stuff from? And ooh, how on earth did you tie the tiny ribbon on them???

Karey said...

I loved this when I saw it!!!

stinkydudette said...

me lurves!! *huggies*

Merdrey said...

left you some love on my blog! =)