Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Not-So Christmas-y Wreath

I have kept a particular styrofoam wreath for ohhh 3 years before I actually created something with it a few weeks ago.

The two little boys in the house had lots of fun with that wreath prior to my creating though. From announcing that it's a BIG (capital) O, wearing it as a head accessory (halo) and even as a prop for pretend games (around the waist as a swimming float). At times they even fought over that thing. Until the day they broke it into two, afterwhich the younger boy announced that the piece in his hands is a BIG C.


I wasn't going to throw the piece(s) of styrofoam away, not after hoarding it for 3 years. So I joined the two BIG Cs together with some strong glue, and set on embellishing that thing as below.

1. Wind Maya Road Organza Primrose Trim around the wreath. Don't ask me how long of that trim I used - I had a whole roll to play with. Hee. You'll end up with a ruffled BIG O. Like below. The more ruffly you want it to be, the closer you gotta wrap the trim. Meaning you need more trim.

2. I wanted this wreath to have our apartment unit number, so I blinged some chipboard numbers with Iridescent Glitter and once dried/set, I pasted them on a background of stamped images. Pop that up on another piece of patterned paper, so the numbers pop out that much more.

3. Glue your board of numbers on your wreath. If you have any 'bald spots' on your wreath that didn't get covered by the Trim (like below picture), cover it up with your board.

4. Adhere a cluster of blossoms and pins around your board of numbers. I used Ruffle BlossomsVelvet Pleats, paper blossoms, and my favoritest Trinket Pins.


5. To bounce off on those pearl Pins, I scattered some gorgeous Pearl Centers around the wreath - particularly useful to cover more 'bald spots'.

6. Tie a big satin bow at the top with some tulle trim.

7. Hang up your wreath to enjoy!

I think a wreath with your name or a greeting (NOEL! SWEET! LOVE! BIG O!) would be just as prettily-functional. :) I hope you enjoyed the tutorial above ... and appreciated how adorable little boys are. Hee.


Avni said...

Awww...this is so beautiful! I have never seen such a lovely white wreath before!!:)

Anonymous said...

that is just so so pweetie !! so inviting, so warm , even b4 u enter the house :)

~ Ddah

caroline - you know who said...

love it, my house number is 9121 ;)

rosette said...

c'est magnifique!