Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Skin

I recently had to renew my Singapore Identification Card. It's apparently something that all 30-year-olds need to do before they turn a(nother) year older. I was more than happy to do this because if you ever had the chance to look at my 16-year-old self (and the 16-year-old me on the old IC) ... ohhh dear, I would win 'Most Improved'. Hands down. :P

I faced the dilemma of taking a new 30-year-old photo for the IC, or using my favorite 24-year-old photo. Yes the one where my skin was perfection, like smooth tofu. Oh how I miss and yearn for that complexion. My skin unfortunately took quite a beating in recent years from late nights, seriously lacking in hydration and bad skincare habits. So as my 30th birthday passed, I was determined to do something about the state of my skin and changes in my lifestyle had to be made.

First was no more late nights, or at least I need to be in bed by midnight. Latest. I know my skin will suck the next day if I don't get enough sleep and no matter how much I apply it, my makeup would suck even more.

Second, I stocked up on Vitamins. I eat two capsules of Vitamine E daily, along with C and Evening Primrose Oil. We get our vitamins from GNC, mainly for economic reasons as we have a membership discount there plus the staff are always knowledgeable and not pushy. I fall sick less often too with the addition of vitamins in my diet. 

Drinking water regularly was probably the most dificult to add to the new lifestyle. I bought pretty bottles and printed notes for my table to help motivate me to gulp down the H2O (did you know water improves the elasticity of your skin?). It's a slow progress, and till now I'm still not sure if drinking water will ever become second nature to me. Basically it's because I hate to pee so much. Though I hear that would clear out the toxins in your body (?).

Then I made the biggest investment to the skin renewal mission - my skincare regime. The one thing that I apply religiously now and 6 years ago was my Biotherm products. Between then and now, I thought nothing could take away my good complexion. Not even a stop to basic cleansing and moisturising. But that thing called Youth does go away and that suck-y thing called Age replaces it with yucky lifeless dull complexion, age spots, enlarged pores ... eugh! Biotherm was my first 'adult' skincare product :) and I'm so glad to have gone back to it.

I use a basic system of Aquasource's Cleanser/Lotion/Moisturiser, along with the Skin.Ergetic Serum. I'm still looking for a fantastic eyecream, but right now am pretty happy with the Aquasource Eye Perfection.

So is my skin perfect? Of course most definitely not. A facial therapist informed me that my age/sun spots will never go away. As for my pores, I probably will start using this soon. Plus I've just learnt that I have sensitive skin, and some products (yes, even from Biotherm) can be too much for me. So while I don't mind taking photos with a naked face now, don't be surprised if you run away thinking you've just seen a ghost when you see me makeup-less on the street. LOL!

While improvements still need to be done, I do count my lucky stars that I don't have to deal with huge pre-menstrual breakouts like I used to in my youth, all thanks to Mr A. I mean doesnt everyone have a partner who gets pimples when your period is coming? Ha!

Next thing I'd like to improve is the skin on my arms and legs. Because that is a whole unchartered territory a little daunting for me. I wonder if 32 is too old to begin improving that.

Do you have a particular skincare product or regime you'd swear by?

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lish© said...

I was told that peel or IPL can help to fade the sunspot. But you need to go to the dermalogist to get it done. My cousin, post birth with peel, now smooth skin!