Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's All About The Family

Here is another project I created for Maya Road's CHA-S 2011 booth, featuring my most favorite material from Maya Road - CANVAS! So NOT. And Caroline knows it. Which is why she'll send me an email to pre-empt me when I have canvas albums in my assignment boxes. lol. As usual, I try to make do. I'm still finding my way to translating my style (whatever it is) to canvas albums, and it's a slow progress. :P

On this new Maya Road 4" Canvas Binder, I used pictures of my bestie Ling and her beautiful family. On the album cover, I used new Aquamarine Winter's Rose, new Yellow Small Organza Roses Ribbon (am so in love with this color), a Canvas Mini Tag Piece and a piece of Wavy Layerable Banner Mini Chipboard. All MUST-HAVES.

My friends and I have had many conversations regarding relationships especially in recent months. Much has been going on with our families, other friends and colleagues and listening to each other's opinions on what the other is going through is really comforting. My group of friends are my pillars. Besides my family, they really do know me. I don't need to say much and yet they still know what I'm feeling and most importantly, they know what to say. I can always count on them to always be there.

As we get older and the number of years I've known this group of friends grow, I've come to the realisation that I don't need a huge group of friends to be happy. I know it is to some people who'd rather lose a friend and gain ten more. That's not me. The people I call friends, who know everything about me, who tell me off when I need it, who are always on my side, who loves my family ... they are all I need. They are MY family too.


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