Thursday, April 7, 2011


March is a month of celebrations for me. It's full of birthdays, beginning with my lahling Melissa, then my Sis, then my childhood bestie Nani and the month ends with one of my best girlfriends Geraldine's birthday. 

Geraldine is one of two treasured friendships I was blessed with from our years at Nanyang Polytechnic. Our friendship is one of the few that has lasted the tests of time. She's seen me at my worst and best, she's been happy and indignant for me, she loves me the way I am, she makes me feel beautiful even when I'm next to her (I mean, look at her!) and she never makes me doubt myself. If you had a checklist of the characters of a good friend, she'd have a tick in all boxes. 

The framed bloom wasn't a birthday gift, but I thought the picture of her and her hubs would look good nestled between those petals. :) I'm right, wasn't I?

Love you Gerl. I'm so glad we are friends. 


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