Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something’s brewing

at Maya Road! I’m so honored for the opportunity to create a project for the Maya Road Retailer Kit Program - although to be honest, it was a heart-thumping-nervous-breakdown creative process! When I was done with this project though, I loved it so very much and was pretty pleased with myself. lol. It was made easier using those pictures we took two years ago, and I feel this was the perfect retirement project to end the use of these photos.

So this kit, named The Sweetest Days Shadow Box Kit features Sassafras Lass’ Mix and Mend patterned papers and of course, lots of Maya Road goodies. You get a whole bunch of Maya Road blossoms – fabric, velvet, resin, lots of ribbons and trims, cute trinket pins, my favorite mini chipboards, metal bottlecaps and even your own retail-sized bottle of Maya Mist! This kit is so very packed to the brim, you wouldn’t believe how much you can fit into a 7.5” Maya Road Trinket Box.

The kit (including a full-set of color instructions) will be sold to retailers. So if you’d like one for yourself, make sure you ask your LSS to carry it. Or get them to teach the project! I sincerely hope that either way, you will enjoy creating this. From my heart to yours. :)

More information available here.



Juanna Hope said...

such a beautiful project! (: how do we get the LSS to carry this?

Sharon Corn said...

So so pretty!!(=

Irene said...

Hi Lia
Any idea if the local stores will be carrying in this? I would like to purchase one.