Saturday, February 26, 2011

Flowerlicious indeed!

Kris commented this when I posted a sneaky of the below frame on my Facebook wall. This is the brainchild of my bestie, Ernie - she wanted to cover a small window in her room and had the bright idea to cover it with a frame and fill that (huge) frame with lots of flowers. My first thought was hmn ... good luck with that! But of course I won't leave my bestie in the lurch with her non-crafty hands. lol. I would never leave my friends in lurches. 

So what you see above is the finished frame. Nothing complicated, basically pasting the flowers a small portion at a time. Balancing the sizes, textures and colors of the flowers were the only 'headaches' in this project. I then added clusters of satin bows embellished with strings of pearls. 

This is a relatively easy-peasy project to make and honestly, if we weren't gossiping so much and looking at our freaking-ugly pictures from >10 years ago, I would have taken less time to finish this. *ahem* I had taken a day's leave from work to spend time with my bestie on this project and after years of not doing that, I think I had enough excuse to just sit back and enjoy our time together undisturbed. Oh then we went out to get more flowers. And Ernie had her first Koi. lol. Then we had our favorite fried calamari for dinner.

I love those jumbo yellow flowers from Oopsy Daisy, available at Scraplicious (though I think we might have wiped the store clean of the yellows). These flowers are so rich in color and texture, and while they come packed flat-ish, you can raise the petals and antennae to give the blooms so much dimension. You don't regret my suggestions at all now, do you Ernie? :)


ps. If you were wondering, the frame length is 100cm. Yes. My bestie's known for torturing me. Though not as much as the other Ernie in my life - my sis! lol.


Ernie said...

Hey my hands are not non-crafty! Just less-inclined to crafty Anyway, thanks so very much for this beautiful masterpiece. I love it and can't keep my eyes off it lol! And yes, it was such a great day spending time together. That night, my parents had asked if the frame was done. When I said no, my mum was like "One whole day and not finished?". Hehe.

curlyqmosaics said...

Wow! What a beautiful window! So festive for Spring!

playfulmeowz said...

Wow, what a bright and sunny frame! Pretty.