Thursday, January 6, 2011

Creative Boost Wednesday

Hi there! One of my 2011 resolutions is to get organised, well that is something I perpetually try to achieve so perhaps I shouldn't call it a resolution. I do aim to stay on top of my photo organising this year - on my hard drive, on my SD card(s) - mostly photos of my projects, and of course that includes sharing them with you guys on this blog. 

Since my hard drive crashed during my recent holiday to Bangkok, I do have a lot less photos to edit and organise. Though I'm not exactly thankful for that. :P But it is what it is. So I've got myself an external hard drive to store my creative works. One question - do external hard drives crash, do I need to backup an EHD? Sounds like a silly question, but I'd like to know.

Anyway, I'm tackling recent photos since I'm stuck in bed with a bad bout of flu and found a few projects of altered frames to share. I love altering frames, the smaller the better. Well, not too small. lol. I do love to stuff small-ies with embellishments and you can't stuff too much into too small areas can you? :) I think altered frames make the perfect gift-solution to a gift-problem. Just remembered someone's birthday? Personalise a frame. Need to tell someone you're sorry or that you love them? Gift a frame. Perfect, I tell ya.

Here's a Thank You frame that my sister ordered for her school's Parents Support Group.

Here's a gift frame for my friend Karen Grunberg. She's ... the sweetest with the most noble of characters. She doesn't judge and is most encouraging. She inspires me to be a better person. I wish I could meet her and just give her a big long hug.

Here's a housewarming gift for a colleague's nephew. You've seen similar frames on this blog before, and I really can't tire from creating such. I love the addition of the family members' names in one of the panels on this one. 

Finally a Christmas-themed frame.

So see, I told you that an altered frame is the perfect something for any occasion. Are you inspired to create one now? It can be as lavishly embellished or zenly simple as you make it, I'd love to see. Drop me a link, won't you? :)



playfulmeowz said...

love your altered frames, they're just popping with details and colours!!

Karen said...

you are so amazingly talented!! I wish I could meet you and give you a huge hug, too!!!!!