Monday, September 6, 2010

Eeks! How Embarrassing!

I have a giveaway winner to announce, don't I? Sorry for the disappearing act. I haven't forgotten about it at all! Life happens, you know? So I know (I think) life ain't about to stop or even slow down for me anytime soon, I'd better do this post before I have to disappear for the Eid celebrations. I'm already disappearing on 24-hour shifts cleaning up and out the house in preparations for Eid! argh ... stressed and exhausted don't even cover these past weeks.

Oh well, let's make someone's day with some Maya Road yums okay?

Random Generator has done its magic and the winner of below prize pack is ...


Congratulations! Please drop me an email with your mailing addy at!

Thanks everyone for dropping by and leaving me with some inspiration on topics for future mini-albums. You guys are the greatest!


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