Thursday, August 5, 2010

How about another Maya Road album?

This is the second-last CHA-S project I have to share, and the last one will come with a surprise - so watch out for it!

For now, here is the newly-released Sewing Machine Album. Had me in a stump for a while, this album. Ohhh what theme shall I create this on? I finally thought I could use a little bit of this album for a little bit of self-healing during a difficult time. And to be honest, I've only just found out how creating can help during a healing process. You should try it.

Anyway here are the piccies of my Sewing Machine Album. I was surprised to see pictures of this album (along with a couple of my other projects! Did you see that tag??) on Christine Middlecamp's blog ... and grinned non-stop when she said it was her 'FAVORITE' album from the Maya Road booth! ohhhh major *blush alert!*



sharon Ong said...

Hey hey! I know why she said its her favourite - its so charming lah!

teacher jessy said...

This is gorgeous!! You are really good with embellishments!! I love the colors too :)

Kate said...

Yay!! I read it last night too, and I knew it was yours! lol.. Every speck of glitter was screaming 'Lia'!! Gorgeous, girl... *huggies*

Scrapbook Junkie said...

Darn. Another beautiful album! I just love all your layers and trinkets.