Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tag, you're it!

Had a couple of tag-gy weeks - orders and gifts of tags to create. :) I love making these, always have since Karen gifted me my first a few birthdays ago. Since I loved that gift so much, I can only assume that others will too. :)

Lisa worked at Citigroup, and I liaised with her for several years - coordinating meetings with investors and such. I've been lucky to have many of the banks' coordinators be such nice people, it makes work so much easier when people are nice. kwim? So I'm sad that Lisa's left Citi ... it's difficult to let such people go.

So Li ... was my school-mate. Sweetsweetsweet gal. Love her to death. We lost touch when she got married and moved to Australia. Found her on Facebook. So glad I did. She's so gorgeous. And I'm so jealous. lol. But lovelovelove her. Her beauty and beautiful nature inspires me to be a better person. A birthday tag for a birthday girl. :)

And these below are commissioned works.



Marta Stanislawska said...

so pretty!! I love them all :)

Lisa M. Pace said...

No one makes tags like you Lia... these are all so fabulous.