Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Length is important, no?

*warning* Loooong post ahead!

I cannot seem to stop destashing. If only destashing from my room meant that all that excess stash could be placed in someone
else’s room immediately. Because if they’re still in my possession, it’s not really destashing is it? Separating probably. Or segregation. Hee. Methinks another Lelong Sale is in order. Maybe in June? Keep a weekend free for me, won’t you please?

Anyway, inspired by Merdrey’s Prima Challenge I put myself through one – not with new stuff like Miss Chew acquired *ahem* (lol) but with stuff I already have (and hoarding). The Basic Grey Offbeat, Eva and Urban Prairie collections are three of my favourite Basic Greys, and I couldn’t bear to remove all of them from my stash. But y’know I might as well try to use them … right? So I made as much stuff as I could from each collection – a frame, ATC, tag and card from each collection. The frames were supposed to be Mother’s Day gifts for some of my favourite people … but y’know, I don’t think I’ve ever been good with time management. *chuckle* ATCs were made for Creative Therapy, will share those when they are on the blog. Tags and cards will be in my Etsy store.

I know eventually these stuff won’t be in my possession, that in a way they’re destashed too – so I could have segregated the papers and stickers and I didn’t have to ‘challenge’ myself to create with them. I could have done that with ALLLL of my scrapbook stash, no? Crazy. But it’s an attractive thought though. :P

So on to some news/gossip/updates?

I'm sure the world of scrapbooking is reeling from the vintage genius that is Lisa Pace by now, especially after her debut book came out at CHA-W. :) I've seen pictures of the 100 projects, and couldn't wait to get my copy. And to see them in print like that ... gosh was I gawking or what! Then to flip open the cover and to read the message Lisa wrote for me. *sob*-fest! Love you Lisa, I am so very blessed to call you a friend. XO!

So my copy of Delight In The Details came with my Maya Road CHA-W box, and guess what else came in it? :) I'm so excited to show this off to the two readers of this blog. lol. My Classic Coaster mini-album made for Maya Road's CHA-W show was converted to a Recipe Card! Again, it seems like an age of waiting for me and I couldn't stop grinning when I finally had copies of this in my hands.

Anyhoo, my lappy went kaput last two weekends and I felt like I was missing a limb for the few days I took to send it to the Sony Care Centre, and then for it to get fixed. Working online on the iPhone is seriously no fun! urgh. This will probably be the first and last Vaio I ever get, what with it being only 8months old and needing to get the LCD screen AND fan changed. geez. Kudos to Sony for the great service staff and quick turnaround time. But seriously? 8months? This really helped Mr A to rub in the fact that pretty stuff don't usually make the most efficient of equipment. :P Like the pair of pretty Nikes that weren't made for running (which I will still secretly get another pair of anyway). Because I'm superficial that way. What can I say?

Ok enough of my rambling and onslaught of pictures. Time to get a drink, get intoxicated and red-faced. Hee.


Kate said...

Nice to see you posting again.. I soo missed drooling over your stuff..

I do agree on the Vaio bit.. I onli got my vaio cos it's cherry red.. Who cares if we're superficial? lol..

And for the record, Offbeat and Urban Prairie are my fave collections too! Hoarding 2 packs of each.. Eek!

playfulmeowz said...

wowweeeee! love all tha tags and the recipe book is precious.

Lia, can you do a tutorial on how to tie ribbons? Yours are soooooooo pretty.


Merdrey said...

Thanks for the link babe!!! You did a great job destashing!!! Oh and where's my copy of the signed recipe card?!?! =)