Sunday, May 16, 2010


Aren't coincidences weird? A colleague ordered a framed altered alpha for another colleague's farewell gift recently. A few days after that order was confirmed, I got an email from someone who also wanted to order a farewell gift for her colleague. Coincidence, no?

Here's where the weird part comes in. After confirming the second order, we spoke further and realised ... we're actually colleagues! And of course my next question was 'is this order for Adeline??' So the conclusion was: Ms Adeline had to be onsla
ught with two farewell gifts made by yours truly. I don't know if they turned out to be actual 'gifts'. lol. Ade, I really do hope you like them. All the very best for your future undertakings!

Here are the two gifts. Do you think she'd like them? :)

Thanks Veron and Val for including me in wishing Adeline well, I know that you guys care about her a lot to want to give her something personalised. :) I hope you guys like the gifts too!



Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

oh how crazy that they were both for the same colleague! They are beautiful, I KNOW she'll love them!

Adeline who is no longer upstairs said...

yes yes! i luff them both! hahaha

Solitaire Bride said...

wow..ade. u know this website too now! there's no secret in our company. Only how fast you know them

Lating Panda said...

Im very sure, she will love both of them.:)