Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy V-Day everyone!!

When I got my Maya Road CHA-W assignments, I was dying to create at least one album with the pics Leena took of Azmi and I. And the album below is one of two with those pics that were shown in Anaheim. :)

Album is an older Scallop Chipboard Binder album. The alphas are new CHA-W, as well as that white crochet trim! I lovelovelove that font.

Well, I thought this album is appropriate to share with you guys today. I love these pics, I love the gal who took them, and I love that man. :)

I hope you guys had a great V-day, and it was spent with your loved ones and those who love you!



Kate said...

what a lovely album! you did leena's shots great justice.. beautiful!

Nadine said...

lovely album! leena did an awesome
job! also,

congrats on being the new MR Design Team Coordinator! whoots!

Kristy said...

Yeah, have to say congrats on the "promotion" to DT coordinator for MR. You are awesome chick!

Would love to connect up wit chu for coffee sometime :-)