Tuesday, July 8, 2008


7 years ago on this day, he and I became a 'we'. :)

So yep, this is the 'big reveal'! Simple as that.

Anti-climatic? Sorry about that ... but you know how much I love this guy. :) Every time we reach the 1-year notch, it's a celebration of our love - for the stuff we went through together in the past 365 days. It's not all good stuff of course, but even the bad brings with it a silver lining. And what doesn't break us, only makes us stronger, yes? I guess I wanted to share the lovey-dovey vibes and mood of celebration with you. :)

People don't get us sometimes. Don't get our relationship. Why it seems to remain static, not moving forward. What th
ey cannot see, is that this works for us. That our love is true, that our respect for the other is mutual, that the future is something we look forward to and work towards. I get him, he gets me.

I've been called a sinner (yep, seriously!), disrespectful of the sanctity of marriage but I don't see the need to explain why we're not married YET. :) That's not to say we don't want to, of course we do. It'd be nice to have little Lias and little Azmis around. :) And not to say that I'm not happy that people feel we should, it touches me that people want a beautiful thing like marriage for me. :)

But who's to say that 7 years is enough to signal 'time to get married'? Who's to say that another 7 years isn't what I need to ensure my husband will always enjoy food I cook, to ensure that I'm mature enough to keep our marital bed matters to ourselves and not to anyone who's willing to read and listen, to ensure that he will always have my respect and not expect his name and some f-profanity in the same sentence when I speak about him to my friends?

I love this guy. People may not get us. They don't need to. :)

So, I did this layout for our 7th anniversary. Why I love him. :)

Journaling: I love you because you're always always affectionate towards me, always reaching out to touch me. Be it in a rest around my waist, a smell of my hair, a kiss on my cheek or the strength of your hand around mine. I love you b'cos you're a man of principles, beliefs and determination. You always try to convince me that my happiness is more important than someone else's. I love you b'cos you make me believe in myself, b'cos you give me courage to be strong and b'cos you always guide me towards what is right and true. B'cos you love me more than I could thought possible.

B'cos you think that I'm a blessing to you. When in fact, you're the blessing given to me.


Coochies & All said...

Congratulations Lia on your anniversary!! Here's to many more years of bliss and love between the both of you. And that layout you did is GORGEOUS!! :)
elaine t

scrap-myself-silly said...

Lucky lovebirds who have found each other...CONGRATULATIONS !


Anonymous said...



liliput said...

Happy 7th Anniversary to you both! Wishing you more love and happiness!

chubbycheeks said...

hey, who says only marriage is to be celebrated? i think ur 7th anniversary (and all other anniversaries b4 and after) are worthy enuf to be celebrated too!

so... hope u two had a great time of celebratioN!

Pandachu said...

See Congratulations were in order!!

Btw I so heart ur LO esp that journalling!!

feli said...

happy 7th year anniversary to you lia! and i love the layout! such sweet journaling.. :)

Lynna said...

Happy 7th Anniversary to both of you !

Hey.. It's takes a lot of 'work " to keep the relationship alive , therefore Congratulation My dear Lia !

ck said...

Happy 7th Anniversary... Wishing you many blissful years ahead :)

So my very 1st guess is correct, you really have a way to mislead pple ;P

salme said...

Happy 7th Anniversary! Here's wishing you more love and happiness!

bbhome said...

You guys are lucky. Happy 7th Anniversary! May your love for each other grow and grow.

..feli.. said...

congrats! :)

7 years! wow! :)
may your love for each other grow in leaps and bounds and may every little new things you find about each other each day be a sweet discovery for your souls :)

Julia said...

Happy belated anniversary, Lia!!! I think that the most important thing is, that both of you are happy, regardless wether you are married or not. The ones who call you a sinner should better check their own lives for sins. Have the next wonderful 365 days with your sweetheart! I love the card layout and the text that is so touching.

Kate said...

happy anniversary, babe!! *hugs*