Friday, July 29, 2011

Recipe For a Happy Child, Version 2

We are busy with quarterly results at work, and we go through so many checks of just one deck of slides before the actual results release that I've begun to label everything by Version Numbers. :P

Anyhoo if anyone remembers, Version 1 of Recipe For A Happy Child was created for Maya Road's CHA Winter booth last year. It was pretty well-received, and Maya Road even turned it into a Recipe Card - how appropriate right! I was sooo honored! :)

Here is Version 2 of Recipe For A Happy Child on the new Large Square Coaster, made for Maya Road's CHA-S 2011 booth.

The cover has new CHA-S releases like a set of Kraft Note & Envelope, and a piece from the Mauve Daisies Vintage Lace Trim - so love that trim!

The inside pages feature pieces of new Coffee or Tea Mini Chipboards - these are sooo adorable!

Will there be any more versions of a Recipe For A Happy Child? There just might be! I think the recipe is so precious, an album containing it would be a treasured keepsake for anybody! Let me know if you make one too ok! :)


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