Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Week

Honestly each evening after dinner, chores and a daily session of Clean House all I want to do is just veg out on THE bed. It's an effort to do otherwise, and I have to admit that I gave in most nights this week. lol. Hey, I have good reason to! 

I did get some crafting done this week though - because I had a whole long list of crafting to-dos, and I suppose I should at least cross out two off the list. cough. :)

I wanted to add a couple of new pillows to the bed and the HASTVEDA (which has been reassigned to a 'rilek one corner' of the bedroom), so armed with my trusty sewing machine, a meter of BERIT fabric and lots of Maya Road Trinket Blossoms I quickly whipped up these covers. Remember I made a similar cover before?


Then I seemed to be on a tad of creative overdrive after my debut class at Made With Love and quickly decorated these alphas that I owed my sis and her hubs. Hee. Yes, after 2 years I can finally cross this task off my list! lol. 


Oh, so how was the Made With Love class? I was really pleasantly surprised that after so many classes, this is the first where my hands weren't cold, my heart wasn't palpitating and I didn't have a backache at the end of the class. lol. I have to say that I was really blessed the 10 ladies were such great scrappers - they were really positive, friendly and independent. Having the instructions on the projector screen and also a copy included in each scrapper's kit really helped make this class a smooth one - thanks Aida for this great tip!! Thank you ladies for making my first MWL class such a great experience. I hope to see you guys really soon!

So I'm counting down the hours to the start of another week. I'm hoping that we get to spend some time together this week because when I don't get any facetime with him I just get super grumpy. And negative. And that's the last thing I need more of in my life. Here's hoping this week will be chirpier than the last! And wishing you a super-cheery one too!



playfulmeowz said...

Wow! I love your pillow covers! I think the relak corner would be wonderful with them!

PS: Where did you get the black letters from?


Samantha Sibbet said...

your pillows rock lia, I love them.

Chok Keun said...

loving the pillows, so cool to make use of the Maya Road Trinket Blossoms!

Martha Bonneau said...

Love, love, love the pillows!