Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Excited Over Paint

I have been on a quest for a while, I have mentioned manymany times before that there is constant destashing going around here. What started off as a mission to minimize my scrapbook stash, has moved on to my other possessions. There is actual empty hanging and shelf space in my wardrobes now. My reading materials only occupy 3 shelves in a Billy bookcase instead of 3 Billys. lol. Instead of 2 overflowing Billys of scrapbook materials, I only have one glass display worth (still overflowing though). 

Now that my room looks so spacious, the decorating imperfections can no longer hide. I inherited the master bedroom from my sis and her hubby, who inherited it when my late Mommy passed away. The last time this room saw new paint was before Mom got really sick. And although the mattress is new, the bedframe isn't. The room has always been cozy, but it's looking terribly tired now.
So I've been slowly mulling over the future development plans of this room. It definitely needed a new splashing of color, and today we went and got ourselves a few tins of Nippon. Everyone identifies my creative work by the touches of turquoise, and apparently I look pretty good wearing the color too. lol. And boxes of Tiffany blue always make my heart pitter-patter. :) So we chose Nippon's Raindrop and Seabreeze for the walls, with Apple White for the ceiling as my conceding to someone's liking for green. hee.

I know it's silly to be so excited over paint. But I am! You understand, right? :) Ikea doesn't excite me anymore, as I hear a certain LEIRVIK calling out my name each time I'm there. All I can do is whisper 'I'll be back for you after the walls are painted, promise. Even though a certain someone thinks you could be a sturdier bedframe.'


Wish I could share photos of what the room looks like now, y'know the 'befores'? But you might think I've been sleeping in a foreign worker's dormitory for the past 5 years. lol. 

Anyhoo, since we're on the topic of decorating your living space I'd like to share this frame I made for my bestie's sister.

So I'm going back to getting the room ready for some paint love by packing my stuff into boxes. This part of the process, I don't consider fun. :P


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Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

what a beautiful frame, i love it! Good luck with your redecorating adventures! :)