Friday, February 11, 2011

Baring my 2011 goals to you ...

In 2011 ... I have big plans. This album was created to document my goals for the year. I was so ready for 2010 to be over, and I really need 2011 to be better for me. The only day this year that I will remember in memory of 2010 will be 20th February, and that will be the day I will allow myself to wallow.

Anyway so on to this album I created for Maya Road, using the new CHA-W 2011 release Mixed Half Circle Chipboard Banner Album. My favorite parts of this album are that cluster of flowers on the cover, as well as the Satin Pleat Edgings around the smooth-edged chipboard pages. But you guys already know I love those Satin Pleats. :)


This will be the year I will have a tighter hold on my pursestrings. So my favorite shops, it's not that I'm avoiding you because I found somewhere else preferable to shop. I just am avoiding spending, as much as I can. ;) I'm going to work veryveryvery hard to help me hasten the day I achieve economic freedom, and I'm so thankful to those who are helping me on my way.

This will also be the year I have a hold on my time. I need to get on top of my schedules of creative work, and also on the work/job that pays me my base wages. :P I hate getting overwhelmed with catching up, and this is one of the more important changes I need to make in 2011. 


As always, I am going to continue paring down my worldly possessions. My bestie came to hang out over the weekend and her first comment was 'omg your room looks so different'. My dad also agreed, though he was still up with helping me dismantle my bed to make way for a new one, which I think will make the room look even bigger. I'm going to continue simplifying my life, working with what I have, and totally love doing it. :)

Other things I'm going to work on this year is getting my health back. I was so diligent in my health train in 2009/2010 but fell off the routine in June last year. That was when all things fell apart in seemed, and I just need to get back on the horse so to speak. I can't do much on the emotional aspect, but I can do something about the physical part of my life. Gym and yoghurt will be my first loves again. I also went for an eye health check last week and thankfully despite my late nights and constant eye rubs, my eyes are healthy and not prone to eye infections. I just need to love my eye-cream and work on smoothing those lines and clearing the dark circles. Regular visits to the dentist and gynae also will be scheduled. Both not enjoyable, but necessary I know. Eugh.

I also want to strengthen my relationship with God this year, not call upon Him only when I'm in trouble. I need to renew my faith and believe that despite everything, He still loves me.

I have big plans for 2011 ... and high hopes that each will work out.



Shien-Li :) said...

I like!!!!!!!!!! :D

Kate aka stinkydudette said...

You can do it, girl! *hugs*

Shirley said...

So that's why we have not been seeing you!!!
Anyway, 2011 WILL be much much better. If you've been down, the only way you can climb is up and I'm cheering for you babe!
Jia You!!

kLavu said...

where is the Like button? I like!!
good luck for U, Lia :D