Monday, January 24, 2011

First Maya Road CHA-W 2011 Project Reveal!

Sneak Peaks of new CHA-W 2011 Maya Road goodies began last week on the Maya Road blog, and I am so excited to begin sharing the projects I did for Maya Road's CHA-W 2011 show!

I'm a huge fan of Maya Road mini chipboards, they are perfect for all the smallies projects I love to create! This season, my favorite bosses did not disappoint - there's so many of those new cuties I love!

Here is a frame of altered Maya Road Super Mega Bottlecaps, each with its own set of Maya Road minis - some new, some older. But all I *heart*. :)

 One of my favoritest CHA-W release - the Portrait Mini Chipboards - aren't they just adorable! You'll see more in projects coming up. :)

 I requested for some clouds, and those in the new How's The Weather Mini Chipboards set do not disappoint!

See that teeny Tiny Banner Mini Chipboard on the equally cute Journey Tin? Yikes! Could be one of the cutest combinations ever! I folded a teenier accordion album to fit into that Journey Tin to pen a couple of secret lovenotes. :)


Oh, I forgot to mention that my Dad made that frame for me using some scrap wood. Cool huh? :) So look out for the next scheduled project coming up tomorrow! 



Stephanie said...

very cute!! I love seeing your projects, you inspire me to use more embellishments :)

sarah moore said...

Lia this is simply stunning!!!!!!! You are so clever!

Kate aka stinkydudette said...

I've missed you so!! Cute project as always! *hugs*

Chok Keun said...

this is so sweet!