Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Selling and Creating

Thank you for all your orders during the Organised Clutter $1 - $2 Scrapbook Stash for Sale! It was a confusing one week for sure, I had envelopes and boxes stacked side by side while I was organising that stack of emails. hee. Matching stuff to orders, matching orders to packaged goods, matching goods to payments ... yikes!

So anyway now that things have settled down some, Organised Clutter is ready to add more stuff into her Scrapbook Stash for Sale - consolidating them into a page of NO MORE THAN $10 Scrapbook SFS! Over 100 products now that are available for your retail therapy, costing only $1 to $10!

Of course, the Maya Road Stuff are still available here! :)

So. I am really loving destashing my stuff. I'm finding stash I forgot I had, and organising what I've decide to keep makes me so inspired to create. And create I did. :) A couple of brand new Metal Bottlecap Embellishment Tags have been updated into my Etsy store. I think these could be my new favorite embellished Metal Bottlecaps.

Till next time!


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Sandy Ang said...

Wow - filled with such wonderful details !