Monday, August 9, 2010

Rummage! Bazaar Post-Mortem

It was an experience for sure! Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart to friends who dropped by, spread the word and sent me lots of sms lovin' of encouragement. It was hard to keep my eyes open with a flu bug and a very sore throat, but it was really pretending to be my own boss. lol.

Here is a load-ful of pictures of my stall, cute huh? :)

Unsold items will be listed in my Etsy store, so keep a lookout! :)



Anonymous said...

beautiful treasures. looks like you had fun!!

Scarlett said...

Your booth was oh so delightful! Love your work and have been enjoying visiting your blog to see what you are up to!

Anonymous said...

love the butterfly tag! :) cant wait to hang it at my work desk! thanks Kak Lia for sharing you beautiful creations!

p/s: sorry la.. RAK yg i bagi tu tak seberapa.. hehehe :p

Hariyani :)

playfulmeowz said...

I so love your stuff, esp the frames and ATC!!! going over to Esty now!

Sandy Ang said...

The stall looks great - what eye catching colours ! Hope you're feeling better now.

maybe*mej said...

oooohhhhmmmmyyy. im sooo glad i found your blog. I LOVE IT. so much inspiration. Thank You.

Merdrey said...

NICE!!!! Bet business must be good!!!

Yvonne said...

You looked like you had fun girl! I am sure it was a good and and I hope business was fabulous too!


Coochies & All said...

Sorry for the late comment here but I hope you had a successful day that day - your store is so pretty!! Can I ask where you bought those white frames? They don't look like ikea frames and they're lovely! Your ATCs are a great idea too. Just went to papermarket and bought some of the latest maya road goodies - and I'm still hoarding the goodies you gave me last year - can't bear to use them but i think I'll be using them soon. Your work is inspirational girl! :))