Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Notes For Mr A

I started on this album on a very special day for Mr A and I ... and it was completed on a day when both our hearts broke. That last page, he needs to know ... that no matter what, I am proud to be with him and I know that regardless what difficult decision we have to make, we'll make it together. No matter how hard it is. And that it will never be one that I will blame him for.

Ok time to smile and revel in the cuteness of this Maya Road Classic Label Coaster album. :) It's filled with lots of goodies from October Afternoon's Fly A Kite collection. *hearts* Accented with Maya Road Kraft Tickets, Kraft Journaling Tags, mini chipboard cuteness - Crowns, Trees, Love, Butterflies, new Mixed Scallop Pennant Banners - and trinkets of course - Gingham Point Blossoms, Ruffle Blossoms, Felt Pearl Blossoms and new Vintage Green Pearl pins. Oh and some new white crochet trims too!

Cute no?



teacher jessy said...

Aww... This is so cute!! Love how you used the OA & MR together!! Very thoughtful & precious mini :)

Anonymous said...

You are so talented. It is just beautiful. I admire all your work and try to duplicate it.

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

adorable!! I love all of your new maya road creations!!