Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trinkets Time!

I've been looking at jewelery a lot these days ... and no, not the diamond rings type. My eyes are drawn to the quirky, colorful, unique ones. Did you know there are SO many talented jewelery artistes in Singapore?? OMG serio
usly! A colleague introduced Tzarist and Heirloom Asia to me ... and I'm still deciding what to spend the first $100 on. I want like ... everything! Do I go for the earrings or the bracelets, which store should I spend the budget on? Oh, decisions decisions decisions.

Meanwhile, I made a trip to MAAD last weekend and finally bought a pair of earrings from Dorisworks. I lusted after a pair when I first saw her work at MAAD, and finally got myself one last week! This is my favoritest piece of jewellery at the moment, so I just had to cam-whore (which I haven't done in SOOOO long) with the earrings on my way to Parkmall during lunch yesterday. Look at the 2nd picture, aren't they just G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S?? I want to wear them every day! Methinks a Doris necklace is due sometime soon. I *heart*!

Okay so these stores are updated on my sidebar, along with Kate's new eBay store of scrapbooking stash and a super-chic online store of yummy clothes. *sigh* Not a good time for us getting bonuses this month! :)

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Kate said...

looking hot, babe!! the gym's paying off! yay!!