Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Blossom-y Name Frame

During the long Christmas weekend, I spent a day clearing out my stash of alterables. I was resolved to be ruthless in getting rid of things I've been hoarding with the intention to alter. It included cheeseboards, wreaths, shadowboxes, even frames.

I rediscovered this pink frame during my clearing session and thought I should gift it to someone instead of keeping it. But kinda weird tojust give an empty frame to someone right? So I decided to create a blossomy frame for Siew's daughter, Jesmin. Don't you just love the spelling of her name? This frame is similar to the one I created for the Maya Road DT Blog some time back.

Siew was so in love with the frame, she asked 'but how do I preserve it? It's got to stay intact till Jesmin brings it off with her when she gets married!' Umn ok ... give this Aunty Lia a chance first yeah, Jesmin can deal with her PSLE exams in the meantime. lol. I have funny friends, I tell ya.

Oh on the subject of clearances, remember that today is the last day for you to enjoy 50% off everything in my Scrapbook Stash for Sale! Orders need to be in my inbox by 2359 tonight!

I'll be back soon with a mini-tutorial of Jenny's Name Banner. Yep, I'm all about names these days. :)


1 comment:

h said...

hi lia,
gosh..ive been stalking & drooling at your stuffs for ages..

would like to ask, for the frames, do u place the patterned papers on top of the glass(if u get what i mean..hehe)?

thanks a lot!