Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Name Banner for Jas(minah)

lol that typo was on purpose. This banner is for my good friend, Jasmine! She gave herself that nickname Jasminah for herself ... cos you know, she's such a Minah. And I'm an Amoy. :P

We each are planning on hanging our name banners at our workstations, and we're going to rope our friend Jenny in to do the same ... cos us NOL PAs gotta stick (and show off) together. lol.


If you'd like to know how I made this banner, hang around - I'll be doing a sort of step-by-step of the banner I made for Jenny. If you want to, of course. :)

Oh, three of us celebrated Jas' birthday this month - we had cute ballooons, yummy cookies and we gifted Jas a set of Biotherm skincare. Yes, I want to convert everyone to a Biotherm user. lol. Jenny took this picture for us and when I looked at it, I asked Jenny why didn't she warn me about showing off too much of my chest. She replied 'never mind lah, they're too big to hide.' ROFL! I have funny friends, and I'm so thankful. :)


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Lia!! I love you!!! From Jasminah.. LOL!